Tsunami showed excellent results in Pan-American Open Sambo Championship: eight 1st places, two 2nd places and  two 3d places


On behalf of ISPAR Foundation and my associates, please accept our gratitude for allowing ISPAR to take part your recent USA and Pan-American SAMBO Open Championships.
My associates and I were in awed of the athleticism of SAMBO. We were impressed by the sportsmanship and respect between competitors, the camaraderie between team mates, the number of countries present, the efficiency of referees and the respect they command from coaches and competitors, the families that show up in full force to support their teams, the all age nature of athletes (from young to old), the encouragements and passions from coaches to their pupils, and of course, the spectacular and intense battles of combat SAMBO.
Unlike so many sports that discriminate by age or weight, we were particularly impressed by SAMBO’s openness as shown in the senior heavy weight class where the oldest and the biggest athletes all competed together.
With so many great attributes and your leadership, we look forward to seeing SAMBO more embraced and practiced in the US and worldwide, and we can’t wait to take part in more SAMBO events in the future.

Dr. Jack Kogan
American Amateur SAMBO Federation &
Pan-American Amateur SAMBO Federation