Karate Richmond Hill


Karate evolved in ancient China and was introduced into Japan in the 17th century. Only in the 20th century, however, did it gain wide popularity. Tsunami Club is a premier Toronto Karate Club.

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Judo Club in Richmond Hill


Judo developed from jujitsu, an art of self-defense that was popular during the Tokugawa period.
Judo has three basic strategies–attacking the opponent’s vital points, throwing the opponent, and grappling. One referee and two assistants preside at a judo match.

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Jujitsu club in Toronto, Ontario


Jujitsu was introduced into Japan from China many centuries ago. For ages it was a secret art, guarded jealously by the nobility.
Now it is known not only throughout Japan but in many other countries.

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Sambo Ontario


Sambo is a Russian martial art and combat sport. The word “SAMBO” is an acronym for SAMooborona Bez Oruzhiya, which literally translates as “self-defense without weapons”.

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